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Porcelain tiles are made from high-quality clay, fired at high temperatures. Whether you’re looking to get mosaic tiles installed on your walls or floor, we offer the most efficient mosaic tiling London services. Mosaic tiles present many advantages, like:

Durability – due to its material and the way they’re manufactured, there are few better options than porcelain for durability;
Very easy to maintain – porcelain tiles are the no.1 choice in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere because they don’t require special treatments to resist to water or any stains; you can wipe anything off them easily;
Beauty – when installed properly, a porcelain flooring or wall can make the space look luxurious;
Wide range of styles – you can find porcelain tiles of every color and every pattern.
Porcelain tiles are not made to be installed by everyone. You need an expert, qualified team that is trained in handling such a material safely and adequately. That’s why we are the ideal solution. BNC Tiles disposes of a team comprised of professional, qualified tilers that will serve all your needs efficiently. Our experts will help transform the look and atmosphere of your residential/commercial space to make it really stand out. We understand all your needs for perfect walls and a perfect floor, which is why we strive to provide only the best porcelain tiling London services, for walls and floors. Whether or not you provide us with the necessary materials, we will do everything in our power to offer you the highest quality at the best prices. Depending on your specific needs, budget and installation area, our expert tiling consultants will help you choose the type of tiles and installation technique that will best suit your specifics.

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Many values certify our professionalism, such as integrity, strong bonds with our clients, modern technologies, good teamwork, punctuality, attention to details and more.

Joe Bevan

I have collaborated with the BNC Tiles team for a number of tiling projects for my kitchen and bathroom. No matter what service I required, they executed it as efficiently and quickly as possible. 5 stars!

Ben Chadwick

Ever since the start of our collaboration, I was pleasantly surprised by this company's respect for its clients, teamwork abilities, and tiling skills. No matter what my requirements were, they undertook my job and executed it flawlessly. Highly recommend!

Alexander Luca

BNC Tiles does its best to combine efficiency with utility in order to provide the most comprehensive tiling services. I highly recommend this company for any tiling project!

Emilia Vladu

I have employed BNC Tiles for a tiling job, and I found that the team is very professional, efficient and punctual. I would contact this company anytime and recommend it to everyone!
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